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What our customers are saying...

"Thank you so much for the adorable LaLaLounger! Camden loves it! Love, Jay, Kristin & Cam"

Kristin Cavallari

"Thank you so very much for Kenzie's lalalounger! It is perfect and looks great in the nursery! She has already used it! It's such a great product and I am so grateful! We will definitely be using it for years to come! Thank you so much."

Beverley Mitchell
Actress from 7th Heaven

"LaLaLounger was one of the most used and appreciated baby products for us since the birth of our daughter until she was about 4 months. This is an excellent product that should be sold in baby retail stores! It provides just enough of a barrier for the baby to be safely contained, yet to be completely unrestrained. Baby can either be lying in it or sitting propped against its inner walls, something she could hardly comfortably do elsewhere. It's light and easy to move around. It's great for playing, reading books, napping and feeding. Our daughter loved it! We highly recommend it!!!"

New York

"she loves it already! She is just learning how to sit up on her own and the LaLaLounger is the best place for her to practice because whenever she loses her balance and tips over, she lands somewhere soft! I attached a picture so you can see how much she likes it."


"The LaLaLounger is awesome. My daughter sets up a little nest and uses it to rest."

New Jersey

"She Loves it."


"The daycare my daughter attends has one of these and she absolutely loves it. This is the only thing the daycare has found she will sit/lay in without crying for a long period of time."

North Carolina

"19 months into it...this is where she plays with iPad. She is an iPad master!"


"She loves to chill in the the LaLaLounger and watch cartoons, or hang out with her friends in the LaLaLounger."


"Well, She loves the LaLaLounger."


"We love the LaLaLounger."

New York

"I received the lala lounger as a gift when my son was born. At the time, it was a complete lifesaver. I was able to move it around my apartment and lay Jacob down on it in any room. It was also a great mat for him to use for tummy time. With the slightly higher edges, the lala lounger helped him to keep his head up and look around when he was still very little. As he got older, we used it as a place for him to play with some of his smaller toys. All in all, the lala lounger is definitely a worthwhile purchase!"

New York

"Me and my lalalounger"

New York

"We received the LaLaLounger as gifts and they have become a favorite of theirs, as you can tell from the pictures (this is movie night). If you need any testimonials, my kids are the first to give it a thumbs up!"

New York